Our Focus

We are offering engineering services on renewable energy development, covering feasibility study conception, and starting up of small scale biomass production.

Biomass Product Development

AFB as our bioenergy product was presented from our concern on waste and its environmental impact, made from agriculture waste

Clean Technology

We also propose a clean technology by AiTech (Ailesh Technology) in order to produce biomass with zero emission and sustainable manufacturing of bioenergy.

Bioenergy 4.0

We have some project master plan for going to Energy 4.0 which is to collaborate Bioenergy with IoT, Big data, and Machine Learning such as AilesHub and Energy Online Monitoring.

Environmental Consulting

Ailesh Power emerge to help and support on planning, assessing, managing, developing, and optimizing agriculture waste to be utilized into a finished product especially for biomass product.

Local Community Development

We are also having a plan for creating benefit for local communities surrounding project site in order to empower them in product development like a training and mentoring for local communities.

What We Propose

What We Propose

We propose AFB, a bioenergy product with 4,900 kcal/kg, made from agriculture waste. We also provide clean technology by AiTech that is to produce bioenergy by sustainable manufacturing. In addition, Ailesh Power is an environmental consulting on bioenergy project with considering people development on project site which is to empower local communities in order to create better life.
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Our Team

We happily come. We closely assist. We seriously solve.
Fano Alfian
Fano Alfian
Founder & President
Cahaya Prautama
Cahaya Prautama
Founder & VP of Innovation
Fahrizal Ridho
Fahrizal Ridho
Founder & VP of Technology Development