AilesHub – Be an Agent of Future Energy

AilesHub is a digital platform for IoT in the Renewable energy development powered by Ailesh Power focusing on developing energy of tomorrow from waste management that provide Big Data in local waste throughout Indonesia, a service for assessment of its potency, generate it into Big Data in bio-energy potential. The data we provide is validated that can be used as a base of our BOOxP2P lending platform that aims to help and support the project of bio-energy production from local waste.

The framework of AilesHub can be seen in Fig. 1. We start from our environmentally conscious from the local waste of agriculture and household that is potentially to be biomass resource. The activity of people in an area will be an input to generate big data in local waste. In case of data processing, Ailesh Power, as a Special Purpose Vehicle, will make an assessment, technical analysis, and feasibility studies to each local waste that is possible to be project development in Bioenergy. After that, we will generate Big Data that provides potential of Bioenergy from its local waste. The data is going to be a base of our BOOxP2P lending platform that aims to help by funding or supporting the development of bioenergy project from local waste of an area. This system will bring together investor, capital owners, sponsors, local community to raise a funding for bioenergy project from local waste by a system of Build, Own, Operate (BOO) that need a SPV for managing the project to produce bioenergy and then will be owned and operated by local community.

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