Calling for LCA Analyst


Ailesh Power (PT Ailesh Indo Energi) is a fast-growing company in manufacturing waste-to-energy and providing environmental improvement solution. In this opportunity Ailesh Power is pleased to introduce a 3 to 6 months work experience program for students, fresh graduate or experienced talent who will join our project management team in environmental Improvement initiation with our partners. This opportunity is designed to create passionate individual as problem solver and critical thinker in energy and environment sector.

As LCA Analyst, you will take part in a professional internship in our subsidiary: Ailesh Green Consulting’s project-based consultation. The position will be responsible to develop LCA analysis solution to our clients. You will gain a tremendous experience as an environmental consultant in our team.

Responsibilities and Objectives

  • Complete delivery of LCA analysis solution to our clients within the timeline of 3 months
  • Learn and apply the required LCA analysis process such as: system boundary design, data analysis & collection, block diagram creation, data management, etc
  • Communicate progress & solution to clients in an understandable manner and create decks to support presentation
  • Compose LCA analysis solution into a structured and clear written report
  • Collaborate with other counterparts involved in project delivery


  1. Bachelor’s degree with 1-2 years of experience. Fresh graduate may apply
  2. No specific majors required. Background in environmental engineering is a plus or knowledge & experience in Life Cycle Assessment
  3. Demonstrate proactiveness and ability to think independently in remote working situation. Able to allocate a minimum of 35 hours per week especially in business hours
  4. A fast learner. Able to learn company’s life cycle assessment method and apply it to client within timeline
  5. Have a perseverance and can-do attitude. Willing to work hard to get something done
  6. Excellent communication in written (deck, chat, report) and verbal (presentation & discussion)
  7. Superb teamwork and listening ability. Able to find collaborative win-win solution with counterparts and stakeholders
  8. Demonstrate great analytical and problem-solving ability. Have great attention to detail regarding managing big sets of data
  9. Able to complete work with calmness and sound judgment under heavy pressure
  10. Proficient in excel for managing data and power point for presentation
  11. Demonstrate cultural fit with our GEM Values: Embracing Agile Embracing Growth, Empathic Collaboration, and Motive for Beyond

Working Systems

  • Working duration in 3 – 4 months,
  • All activities will be run in Remote Work and Site Visit if needed,
  • You also will get a Competitive Salary and Internet Allowance to support your activities, and
  • As LCA Analyst, you will work directly under our LCA Project Director and Lead Analyst, as well as other analysts and project secretaries, to ensure we are creating high value to our clients.

Application Detail

Please apply through sending your CV to with subjects: LCA_Analyst_[Your Name] by February, 21st.