Calling for Project Management Team Intern

Ailesh Power (PT Ailesh Indo Energi) is a fast-growing company in manufacturing waste-to-energy and providing environmental improvement solution. In this opportunity Ailesh Power is pleased to introduce a 3 to 6 months work experience program for students, fresh graduate or experienced talent who will join our project management team in environmental Improvement initiation with our partners. This opportunity is designed to create passionate individual as problem solver and critical thinker in energy and environment sector.

This intern program will taking part in our subsidiary, Ailesh Green Consulting (AGC). There are five positions available in this intern program. More details are available in each position details.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Analyst

The position will be responsible to develop LCA analysis solution to our clients. You will gain a tremendous experience as an environmental consultant in our team.

Project Secretary

The position will be responsible to develop great relationship with clients as an integrator, compose document reporting needs, and support administrational end-to-end process. You will gain a tremendous experience as part of our environmental consultant team.


The position will be responsible to grow our business through offering services (Life Cycle Assessment Services) to the company and manage the end-to-end process of the deal.

Marketing Communication: Digital and Social Media

The position will be responsible to develop strong brand reputation through improving our brand awareness & market share and manage end-to-end process of digital branding.

People Operations

This position will be responsible to implement excellent people experience through engagement & learning and support the management of Ailesh Power’s end-to-end people administrational process.

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