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Dear Friends of the future,

Recently we face a lot of environmental issues and energy crises that related each other. However, the availability of conventional energy has declined with 3% of decline rate per year. The program of government that aim to diversify energy was still not well optimized yet. Besides, potency of biomass resources is big but its utilization is only 3.3% from its availability. In addition, there are 10 thousands of Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB) as waste of Palm Oil Industry are just left. Whereas, they have big potency to be utilized more. Here Ailesh Power is ready to bring an innovative solution in order to solve that complicated problem

Who we are

By utilization of Renewable Energy up to 31% in 2050 from Goverment Program, Ailesh Power presents to support that target by going to be a Waste to Energy startup. Established on February, 2018 by 5 students of Universitas Gadjah Mada in Yogyakarta.
We are fast-growing startup in the
product development of renewable energy from waste management focusing on emerging energy of tomorrow by developing sustainable energy and environment consist of engineers, project planner, and researcher who work together to provide future solution in order to make clean energy utilized from waste.
We propose
biomass production and environmental consulting services on bio-energy project with considering people development on project site which is to empower local communities in order to create better life.
Our expertise ranges from consultancy, project plan, Research & development, manufacturing, community development, and production.

What we propose

BriKos is a briquette product from empty fruit bunch as waste of oil palm plantation. Based on benchmarking and competitive analysis, we have some unfair advantages which is actually different with our product based on the characteristic of raw material as a waste.
Our product is higher fuel with 4800 cal/g compared with type of coal which is
potential to generate 30 MWe of electricity, more cost effective than another kind of coal that is often used, more efficient than another briquette due to its form of granulated, and our product is lower emission produced than another type of coal.
BriKos has granule-shaped with supporting tools like granulator and sieve that is appropriate to be implemented in micro-scale (household) and macro-scale (Industry).
We are also environmental consulting on assessing emission, managing and developing biomass with regard to waste management, utilization for renewable energy and human development on project site

What inspired our idea

Brikos as our main developed product was presented from our environmentally conscious of waste and ecosystem in surrounding area. The development of Palm Industry impacted negatively on humanity and environment such as deforestation without environmental assessment first and the waste that can’t easily be decomposed into the nature that can affect to the instability on environment and ecosystem.
Furthermore, waste management is still going to be an issue that need to be solved by some advanced tools and development. Ailesh Power emerge to help and support on planning, assessing, managing, developing, and optimizing that waste to be utilized into a finished product especially for biomass product.
We are also having a plan for creating benefit for local communities surrounding project site in order to empower them in product development like a training, mentoring, and monitoring for local communities

What we specialize

a. Research & Development on Waste management
b. Environment & Renewable energy audit
c. Project management
d. Plant and Construction
e. Biomass Production and development
f. Local Community Development

We also service more what our clients expect

    1. Briquette Production from Empty Fruit Bunch in Garut

    2. Life cycle assessment of Geothermal Power Plant in Kamojang

    3. Microbiological Impact Assessment of Biofilm Formation in Cooling tower in Kamojang

    4. Project management on BriKos Manufacturer that will be implemented inSiak, Riau

    5. Oyster mushrom Cultivation Training in Kamojang