Ailesh Power goes to Hannover Messe 2018

In, Ailesh Power got an opportunity to visit Hannover Messe 2018, one of the largest trade fairs in the world. Some outstanding innovations could be found here. So we have some perspectives after joining this event that may change my mindset to think and take an action for the future. Recently industry trend is going to Industry 4.0, many of us maybe define it as a new challenge. Everything can be automated, integrated, worked effectively and produced sustainably. For example when we talk about integrated energy, we can produce energy from nature, process it by bioprocessing, and integrate it with another bioenergy resource. But if we look that point deeply and think simply, there is a long way to make some applied innovations or ideas like those example.

This way relates with the spirit of many elements to start doing research and development, not only for students as researcher, but government and company are main stakeholder to grow it up. There is a missing link from this line. We imagine that government, company, and students can be a triple relationship to enhance research and development and make some innovations gorgeously. We hope Indonesia can feel this hype, a trend of Industry 4.0, realize it, and do the research!

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