Ailesh Power got The Most Potential Energy Startup Winner in Shell Livewire Energy Solution 2020

Thursday (August 6, 2020) , Ailesh Power (PT Ailesh Indo Energi) graduated from Shell Livewire Bootcamp Program 2020. This program was held for 6 months by Shell Indonesia collaborated with SBM ITB, provided fully mentorship from well-experienced entrepreneurs, Technical advice from world-leading scientists, and opportunities to validate the technology and business. In the end of program, Ailesh Power got a recognition as The Best Startup and won a grant as 1st winner. The award was directly given by Mrs. Dian Andyasuri as President Director and Country Chair at Shell Indonesia. Cahaya Prautama, as co-founder and representative who received that award, said “we are so grateful for being a part of this awesome ecosystem in Shell Livewire. Mentors, advice, support, all is great! It’s also a pleasure for us to be the best one and it means a lot to develop our business as well. This program can help companies transition from science projects to scalable and financeable companies” .

Ailesh Power had an opportunity to present the second product of end-to-end waste-to-energy solution named Gastra.

Dare to meet the new one of us? kindly Stay tuned for the launch of a special collaboration between Ailesh Power and Changemakers

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