Ailesh Power Establishes Cooperation with Panggungharjo Village, Witnessed by Minister of the Ministry of Village, Development of Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration Republic of Indonesia

Yogyakarta (Jan 05, 2020), Minister of Ministry of Village, Development of Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration, Mr.Abdul Halim Iskandar attended the sharing session and inaugurated the village innovation center building and be witnessed in the collaboration of Ailesh Power with Village-Owned Business Entity (BUMDes) Panggung Lestari, Panggungharjo Village, Sewon, Bantul on developing digital waste management systems and renewable energy optimization in the village.

Mr. Abdul Halim Iskandar said that village is the key to Indonesia’s progress. The advanced village will have an impact on the advanced country. To achieve this, what must be done is to observe the problems in the village, solved it by innovation and duplicate that solution to other villages.

Fano Alfian Ardiansyah, as CEO of Ailesh Power, agreed with the statement of Mr. Abdul Halim Iskandar. Ailesh Power is committed to developing renewable energy potential in the village and initiating digital waste management for the waste pickup system which is then used as a source of new energy and products which are more valuable and digitalize the conventional system of local waste management.

Ailesh Power hopes that this collaboration has been able to increase the added value of Panggungharjo and become a model for other villages in Indonesia and the global level.

As known that Panggungharjo Village is one of the best villages in the Bantul Regency area with the predicate as unicorn village, having the best BUMDes in Indonesia, and became the first and only village which got an high appreciation at the ASEAN level.

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