Ailesh Power for Young Social Enterprise (YSE) 2019 in Shanghai, China

A month ago, Fano Alfian Ardyansyah, CEO of Ailesh Power, felt lucky to be invited as a part of Young Social Enterprise Workshop 2019 held by the Singapore International Foundation in Shanghai, China for one week with 30 exceptional young people across countries and cultures, discussed, learned, and shared knowledge and ideas about the initiations that we develop. In addition, he was also given the opportunity to learn directly from social enterprise initiators, startup hubs, investors, and some relevant stakeholders. He learned a lot of things about how they started a business, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary collaboration between actors and governments, and how they came up with new innovation to make their businesses grow and sustain. Far from it all, he also learned that doing business does not always talk about how to make money, but also how our business can be of social value, and society can benefit and be impactful.

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