Ailesh Power x DAAD Falling Walls Lab Jakarta

As a young researcher who concern about social enterprise, we believe that an impact of research is added value, because a research is not only about technical aspect and methodology, but also how your research can give impact both directly and indirectly to others. Then, another value is how to deliver your research to others simply and clearly. That was our perspective when Ailesh Power delivered our idea in the Falling Walls Lab Jakarta 2018 organized by DAAD Indonesia on September 2018. We met 15 outstanding ideas from exceptional researchers throughout Indonesia. As usual, Ailesh Power tried to propose different ways in order to utilize Industrial waste especially from Palm Oil Industry into biomass resources.

We also introduced our project that would be implemented soon in Siak, Riau. Thank you very much for having us to be part of Falling Walls Lab Jakarta 2018

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