Ailesh Power in Indonesia-Korea Techstartup 2018

Enlarge your network- It was one of our thoughts when Ailesh Power was invited to Indonesia-Korea Techstartup Demoday 2018 last month. As a startup with a big vision in order to emerge energy of tomorrow, we are truly sure that to implement our vision, we have to enlarge our network and deliver to them what we are going to be. From this event, we get some insights and learnings about the communication skill especially in front of people with different perspective and background. That all are a shared learning process and an important thing to be passed.

In addition, Ailesh Power also tried to get partners because we are really sure that we have to create a partnership in order to implement our big vision in near future, build a support system, and hear what the others need from our product/services. Last, we believe that a changemaker must have spirit to learn more in everywhere and anytime we are.

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