Project Presentation of Bio-Hydrogen Production

Ailesh power had been given an opportunity to present our second project, Bio-Hydrogen Production from Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME), to PT Condong Garut, one of the Largest Palm oil Industry in Java, Indonesia in June, 2018. It was truly an honor for us to present this research, report our last activity on research and development in the Bio-Energy sector, and exactly rebuild the relationship for further Research. Actually our research is still ongoing, we have a high motivation to develop bio-hydrogen production and scale up our production feasibly, yet further analysis and assessment have to be done soon. Related with my previous post, we are trying to reduce the gap between industry and student as researcher, in case of Ailesh Power, we will develop the innovation and build some relationship with industry in the energy and environment sector, we are very open to give a space between student and industry.

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