Ailesh Creative Program Batch 1 – Part 1

As a startup and group of individual who also concern about youth development, Ailesh Power are committed to creating a learning program for students who love to new challenges and are interested in startup ecosystem.

Finally we created a program named Ailesh Creative Program (ACP), a kind of idea factory and innovation center to create a passionate individual who can think critically in solving issue, especially in the energy and environmental sector. We believe that young individual is going to be an agent of change and bright future carrier. Here we build the smallest unit of youth development to prepare better change

This program is divided into 5 department which are possible to collaborate each other. They are Business development, Process development, Research and Development (R&D), Marketing communication, and IT specialist. For this year, we get 15 outstanding and passionate individual who are already to share the knowledge and learn more about startup ecosystem.

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