Brikos Pilot Test

In the last project development of Brikos, we made a pilot test in order to evaluate and test the results of research and development of Brikos in the small scale (laboratory scale) so it can be implemented at the middle scale in the small and medium industry. The aim of this activity is to measure the feasibility aspect of that product that would be applied and produced on a larger scale. Our pilot test was carried out in some trustworthy laboratories and integrated with academic facilities in Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta.

This pilot test evaluated some parameter of the bioproduct of Brikos such as ash content, caloric value, fixed carbon, moisture content, density, and volatile matter. Those parameters are used for fulfilling the requirements of bioenergy product and estimating the quality of the product itself. The result of this pilot test was ash content (lower than 4%), moisture content (lower than 5%), caloric value (4,900 kcal/kg). In addition, this pilot test was also without pyrolysis process so those parameters mean the best quality of bioenergy product

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