Second Project for Ailesh Strategic Partner (ASP)

Nowadays there is a gap between industry and academicians sector caused the role of is academicians haven’t touched real problem on industry sector yet.

ASP is a group of focusing on waste management, biomass quality improvement, environmental analysis, and bioenergy. The aim is to create a positive collaboration between academicians and industry sector in order to emerge a sustainable industry on innovating Technology and management

These synchronization is not well optimized that can be looked at the research and article from academicians just published but low implementation and haven’t given impact and solved the problem yet directly. That’s why Ailesh Strategic Partner (ASP) presents to bring creative solution and exceptional insights

in the first year we handled the problem from PT Narine company to analyze the industrial management process, evaluate process design, analyze the processing of industrial waste so that it can be utilized in the agriculture sector and have economic value

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